DEKRA – Das standortspezifische und arbeitsplatznahe Informations- und Trainingssystem

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The app

The DEKRA app transports the content that you have assigned to a beacon to the user. After installation, the DEKRA app scans the environment via Bluetooth, registers active beacons in the vicinity and notifies the user via push message. The user can display the contents with just one click. He or she can also confirm this via the app.

You can download the DEKRA app free of charge from the Google Play Store or the App Store. Of course we adapt the user interface to the corporate identity of your company. We would also be pleased to advise you on the acquisition of the beacon!

In the Beacon Content Management System, you can link the beacons to content. Here you register all your beacons, assign content to them and define the order and availability. It is also possible to generate QR codes in the backend that are linked to the same content as the beacons and can alternatively be scanned by the end user.

The basic functions in the Beacon Content Management System are user administration, content administration and logging.

User administration
Nutzer Administration

Create users in the Beacon Content Management System and assign them different rights and roles. Possible roles are: Integrators create beacons and QR codes. Editors upload content and assign it to beacons or QR codes. Managers manage the registered end users. Controllers have access to the protocol.

Content administration
Nutzer Administration

The Beacon Content Management System offers you storage space for all kinds of content. You can upload simple texts, graphics or films and make PDFs available for download. Once assigned to a beacon or QR code, the content is available to end users via the app. Updates in the system are transferred live to the beacons by the content administrator so that your users always have the latest content available.

Logging function
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The logging function informs you whether a specific beacon has been called and which beacons your users have seen. In addition, the reporting function can also document which beacons have been called particularly frequently. This allows you to keep track of how your content is used and ensure that your information reaches the end user.

DEKRA helps you to transmit content directly to the addressees where it is needed. The three core components of the system are beacons, small Bluetooth transmitters that are placed where information is to be conveyed, the Beacon Content Management System, in which you populate the beacons with the content to be conveyed, and the app for the end users to retrieve this content.

How it works

DEKRA can be used wherever you want to make information flexibly available. Beacons are available in a wide variety of designs, so that there is a suitable model for almost every situation. Of course we support you in finding the right beacons for your project. As a low-tech alternative to beacons, you can also use QR codes.

The following application examples are only a small selection of the numerous possibilities offered by DEKRA

Orientation on the company premises
Nutzer Administration

Help visitors, external workers or new employees to find their way around by using beacons to inform them which area they are currently in and which access requirements may apply.

Maintenance and repair
Nutzer Administration

Place a beacon on or near a machine and inform maintenance and repair staff about the necessary steps and specific features of each device.

Safety information at the hazard point
Nutzer Administration

Support your security concept with beacons that draw attention to local hazards and provide video-based security instructions.

Guided tours
Nutzer Administration

Let visitors explore your site by discovering beacons on their own with the app and getting information about the respective location.

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